About Us


K.L.O. Veterinary Hospital first opened its doors in October, 2003. Dr. Huw Williams, who founded the clinic, preferred a smaller clinic setting in order to meet client needs on a more personal level. Today, the clinic continues to operate in its original location with a strong core of friendly, professional staff who are ready to answer your questions and concerns with care.

Dr. Williams has more than thirty years of experience as a veterinary surgeon and general health care provider for domestic animals.  His expertise is why K.L.O. Veterinary

Hospital is able to provide all standard services for the health care of domestic pets, whether it be preventative health care and examinations, treatments and surgeries for pre-existing conditions or emergencies, hospitalization, diagnosis, and much more. To learn more about their services, please visit the Services page. To hear more about Dr. Williams, please see our Staff Profiles.