Pet Dental Health Month



Tartar build-up and gingivitis are two of the most common problems our pets encounter, and by the time they are two years old, most of them are already beginning to show the signs of dental disease.  Chronic oral infections can cause halitosis, painful gums, and tooth decay.  It can also cause serious medical conditions if left untreated; infection can spread to the heart, liver and kidneys.

We do see dental disease more commonly in small dogs and cats, due to the size, spacing and positioning of the teeth, but none of our pets will avoid some tarter build-up as they age.  Other factors affecting the speed of which tartar collects on the teeth include diet and feeding habits; human food tends to encourage build-up, while some dry foods and chewing aids help to reduce the amount of tartar left on the teeth.

There are many products available to help you keep your pet's teeth clean and healthy, such as toothbrushes and toothpaste, oral rinses, and dental diets.  We have had great success with the Medi Cal Dental Formula and Hill's Prescription Diet T/D food for both dogs and cats.  These foods are an excellent complement to a total health care plan.

Here at the KLO Veterinary Hospital, we emphasize disease prevention, and during Dental Health Month, we encourage you to enter our Dental Program, in which we are providing a FREE dental examination, and a 10% discount on dentistry and dental products.  We will also be providing a FREE trial bag of Dental diet with every teeth cleaning.  Call today to set up a complimentary dental examination.